Spanish Health Games Congress: Jedis, Maracas and Serious Games

When the host of the II Spanish Health Games Congress announced the Conference “Gamification in Cardiology” we weren’t expecting what happened. Instead of a dressed up, severe looking, middle-aged man, Dr. José J. Gómez, the speaker was a young, cheerful… JEDI! In a matter of moments we had learnt how to identify easy auricular problems and were engaged in a competitive trivia raising our hands and winning prizes. Most of us had nothing to do with medicine. All of us laughed a lot and learnt to appreciate the cardiologists’ work. This is the power of Gamification and thinking out of the box.

We will avoid here the long discussion about the potential of video games to cure. If you still have doubts about this, you should open your eyes and look around. Serious Games are already here and patients, families and doctors are delighted. So, which are the keys of a good Health Game?

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On Serious Games
19 de junio de 2015